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The new summer

I know I have been away for a while. It was hard to focus on words and writing. I was lost in my own head a lot of the days. Life took a strange and unexpected turn early this year. It beat us down. And every time we tried to get up and move again, it dragged and crushed us further until we couldn’t breathe anymore.   Long dreary winters added to the misery.  I always wanted my blog to be about happy things in life – travel, food, hiking, fun experiences – so I felt that I really couldn’t say or express much except for talking about the lingering and never ending sadness.  I was naive enough to think that life is a bed of roses at all times and that nothing can ever go wrong with you and your family. And then IT does. Maybe in future I would be courageous enough to talk about the bad stuff.

As the time is passing,  things are slowly falling back in their place together. Of course, there will be that sad piece of life, that will stay with us forever but hopefully we can build happy memories around it.  With the start of the summer things are already looking up – days are longer, grass is vibrant and healthy, colorful wildflowers are every where, and the bunny population is on the rise! Colorado at this time of the year reminds me of Switzerland with the melting snow and the bright green landscape.  It is absolutely breathtaking!

Here’s to new beginnings and happy thoughts..!

Trailhead: Flatirons Vista Trailhead, Boulder, Colorado:




IMG_5057.CR2Remnants of last year’s flooding (worst ever in 100 years) in Colorado

IMG_5098.CR2Coyote looking for those bunnies!








This last photo is from July 2013 when Dan’s mom visited us in our newly adopted state. She had lived in Colorado for seven years before she moved back to Dallas in 2012. She always loved Colorado – the beautiful sunsets, the wildflowers, her humming birds, the long summers, and even the crazy winters.  This is her hiking with us in Rocky Mountain National Park. She was an amazing, strong willed, and an inspiring woman…always ready to help you, to listen to your stories, and to laugh with you.

I will always miss her.





  1. Vaibhav says

    Shru, good to hear from you again. Keep writing, hope you guys are doing well. I’d love to come see you folks stateside.

  2. Andrew says

    Sorry to hear that Shru…I was wondering why things had been a little quiet over there. Good to see things are slowly on the up though 🙂

    Fantastic countryside there as well! That mountain ridge reminds me a lot of one we have here in Tassie called Mt Roland. Very similar profile.

    I’m off to read your next post now…

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