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Filling Our Toy Box

After having to strip down to backpacks for our round the world trip, we realized that we didn’t need a lot of stuff to survive or have fun. Decisions are a lot more simpler when you only have two pair of pants, three shirts and a pair of shoes to choose from. Even after we got back, we had no interest in shopping or accumulating random stuff. It seemed like such a waste. A year later, we still find ourselves wearing the same clothes we wore on the trip despite having a lot of other options. Weird!

But now we face a dilemma. There are so many outdoorsy things to do here in Colorado but almost all of them require gadgets and specialized gear.  And we desperately want to do all of the activities. So on that note, here is our short wish list of things we think we NEED!   So much for livin’ lean.  

  1.  4 wheel drive SUV (Subaru Outback)
  2. Snowshoes
  3. Hiking Poles (I got mine, Dan still needs his)
  4. Kahtoola Microspikes (Heavy Duty Ice Cleats)
  5. IceTrekkers (Lighter Cleats for Trail Running and Hiking)
  6. Skis, Boots, Bindings and Poles
  7. Mountain Bikes
  8. Kayak
  9. Camping tent and other camping equipment
  10. Storage Rack for the car to hold the above equipment
  11. Ski Passes ($600 pp, yikes!)
  12. National Park Pass (ours expires in May 2013)
  13. New Running Shoes
  14. New Hiking Shoes (ours are busted from all the hiking and traveling)

We finally gave up a few weeks ago and bought our snowshoes during a sale at REI!  Since it is getting warm now, the mountain bikes are creeping up the list.  Hint hint to friends and family…Dan’s birthday is around the corner and kayaks are always a good gift!

Pictures of our first snowshoeing trip with our fancy new toys in Boulder.

Trail Head: Flatirons Vista, map:













  1. Marme says

    Dear Shru, toys are nice, but so are cute clothes and jewelry… may be spending way too much time with Dan. Come back
    to Dallas and we will work on renewing your girlie shopping adventures!! PS. Rent the kayaks. Big storage problem! Saves money for shopping too! Love Marme

    • hehe…you are too funny, Marme 🙂 You are right, maybe I am spending too much time with Dan. I need one of those $82 tickets and visit you again so we can have some girl time 🙂

  2. Shrey says

    Those snowshoes look good! But shru you look tiny with them on:-D

  3. Andrew says

    Love that third image (the b&w one). Looks like amazing countryside!

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